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Background image: “Paris, l’Opéra, Académie nationale de musique” PD US 

by Lauren Gattos

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An orphaned daughter of political refugees, Lilith Samar has lost the last connection to her family, and has come to the final stop in her journey, the Palais Garnier. But someone is waiting for her at the Paris Opera; someone impossible from her tumultuous childhood.

Despite their rocky past, Aamin Bahadur trusts Erik with his life. But ever since this singer arrived, the detached, brutal Erik who used to assassinate for the Navraj has reemerged, as well as his morbid obsession with a long dead girl. The more infatuated Erik becomes, the less hold he has on reality, and no matter how hard Aamin tries to reconnect with Erik, the more pain and destruction is suffered by the opera company.

Since Lilith abducted her from a life of poverty in the American South, Rebecca has chased two dreams she never thought would be possible: make something out of her passion for dance and find the family she never knew. Now that they're in Paris, she can finally do both, but with Lilith's violent past quickly catching up to them, will Rebecca lose the family she has looking for the one she lost?​