Black Paper Mask

In this feminist revision of Gaston Leroux’s Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, Lauren Gattos pulls you into a thrilling, provocative gothic romance that examines gender, race, religion, and the "monster" that wanted Christine Daae to have a career.

Gattos was inspired to write this story after delving into multiple film and television adaptations and realizing that it is not Erik who needs to evolve, as all the adaptations would have you believe, but Christine. The gothic genre always explores the societal fears of the time in which the story is written, and for Christine, the struggle was between a man who wanted her to be a housewife (Raoul) and a man who wanted her to have a career (Erik, the Phantom). Despite the century and three waves of feminism since Leroux's original novel, the figure that represents Christine's pursuit of personal fulfillment is still demonized, and becoming a housewife is still Christine's only sane option (this is not true in all adaptations: download "Erik was a Feminist" from the home page for more details on how the canon of The Phantom of the Opera was forever changed by Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical).

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