From Amazon: ​​“A very interesting spin on an old beloved tale. You will not find Christine in this Phantom-based novel. Instead you will find an emotionally strong heroine who is able to go toe to toe with Erik. Much of this story is told in flashback, which I found a highly effective writing strategy. I was also impressed with how the author chose to focus on the time Erik was forced to fight for the entertainment of others when he was in Persia- which isn't something I've seen in most other Phantom novels. All-in-all, I really liked this book and recommend it to other Phans.”

From Website Contact: “I really enjoyed the book. It was refreshing to see a more mature Christine character who knew what she wanted. Thanks for the story. I give it 5*s.”

Julie Haiselden of  Whispering Stories​​

“Never a fan of rehashed literature, I feared this self-proclaimed feminist revision of ‘The Phantom’ would fail to appeal, so I approached the task with a degree of trepidation. However, after the first few pages, I realised that Gattos’ work deserved my full attention.”


​​“There is no sign of Christine in this tale and I confess I didn’t miss her at all which is testimony to the skill of the writing. In Lilith, we have a strong and determined lady with a dry wit who is fiercely protective of her ward, Rebecca. She is also ready to fight her own corner as she arrives in Paris and embarks on a tentative friendship with the ballet mistress, Alianore Giry, at the L’Opéra Populaire. Erik is an altogether different character in the hands of Gattos; whilst still fatally flawed, the author managed to evoke a certain sympathy which was absent from the original. Apart from his problematical relationships with Aamin and Alianore, Erik’s other interactions are based solely on fear, so it was with a sense of foreboding that I read of the burgeoning dynamic between him and Lilith.”

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Review of Black Paper Mask by Whispering Stories

From Amazon: ​​“I really enjoyed this novel! While I have always loved the original, heartbreakingly beautiful story of the Phantom, this retelling allows us to see our favorite characters in new lights. Erik, though fearsome and violent, has a much greater character arc in which we actually come to understand him and LIKE him rather than blindly fear him, or even just sympathize with him. Lilith, the remade Christine, is strong to boot. Not only does she take ownership of her own body and sexuality, but she adamantly refuses to be "saved" by the males around her and instead takes care of business herself. Her witty banter and caring nature demonstrate a heroine who is more than beauty, or talent, but also a lady who gets what she wants and who can be badass while also showing a wonderfully sardonic sense of humor. Be prepared to see many parallels between this storyline and the original, but also be prepared to have them follow new paths in highly satisfied ways. Black Paper Mask is a true feminist revision of the phantom story, in which we forgo the damsel in distress trope and embrace an inspiring new heroine, all with the beautifully haunting music of the night playing in the background forevermore.”

Black Paper Mask